• The quality of water before and after treatment

    The quality of water before and after treatment.


  • Slow Sand Filtration removes up to 99% of the most harmful bacteria in our filtered water. It’s been used successfully over 20 years

    The BioSand Water Filter can remove up to 99% of e.coli from water source.

  • More than 30% of Cambodians do not treat their water before drinking.


  • Access to safe water for Cambodians remain a problem throughout the country, especially for the rural population

    Access to safe water for Cambodians remain a problem throughout the country, especially for the rural population.

Clear Cambodia

Clear Cambodia is a local Cambodian Christian non-governmental organization (NGO) that focuses on providing safe drinking water, basic sanitation, and hygiene to rural dwelling Cambodians. This is done through the implementation of BioSand Filter (BSF) technology and appropriate health and hygiene training. Beginning in 1999, Clear Cambodia implemented it’s water filtration program under Hagar International. After localizing in 2010, Clear Cambodia has focused on it’s mission to help rural Cambodians sustainably improve their health through increased access to safe potable water, sanitation facilities, and a hygienic environment. All work is done in collaboration with community leaders and local authorities.  


Clear Cambodia is a leading expert in the field of BSF technology and innovation, as well as the community health education components necessary to ensure successful and long-lasting behavior change among beneficiaries. Through Clear Cambodia’s Water and Sanitation Programs, the BSF technology is leveraged to provide a sustainable and low cost source of potable water to areas of Cambodia in which access to safe water had previously been extremely limited.


To date Clear Cambodia, and its predecessor Hagar Water Filter Program, has worked in 13 provinces and implemented over 130,000 Household BioSand filters and approximately 160 School BioSand filters. The impact of the program is an estimated 850,000 beneficiaries in rural areas (approximately 6% of the national population). Clear Cambodia is currently active in seven provinces: Kampong Chhnang, Tbong Khmum, Kampong Cham, Battambang, Kompong Thom, Prey Veng and Svay Rieng. We have 83 full-time staff and 24 long-term volunteers working  in the communities where services are provided. 


As a testament to the successful implementation of the Household and School Water and Sanitation Programs, Clear Cambodia is actively welcomed by local governmental authorities to work in their communities. Annually, more than 30,000 requests are received from households that wish to participate in the Household Water and Sanitation Program, in addition to many requests from rural schools to participate in our School Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) program. 

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