Why We Are Here

The lack of WASH is one of the major challenges facing rural Cambodians. During the dry season, 35% of households consume drinking water from a non-improved source while 75% of households have their source of drinking water on their premises. It makes them sick and give them skin rashes due to bacteria, parasites and agricultural compounds in the water. These families also frequently lack a knowledge of the basic principles of personal sanitation and hygiene as well as best practices for food and safe water storage.

Our Goal

Communities in Clear Cambodia’s target areas lead healthier lives through increased access to safe water, practicing improved sanitation, hygiene and health behaviors, and are living in a good clean environment.

Our Program’s Approach

It incorporates five important elements guiding the development, implementation and continued improvement throughout all components of the work. These are:

  1. Working directly with households, communities and institutions
  2. Providing quality affordable and innovative products and services
  3. Capacity transferring to households, communities and institutions
  4. Coordination with government institutions and local authorities for sustainability and
  5. Cooperation with partner organizations.

Our Uniqueness

We Are Locally Run

Clear Cambodia is a registered Cambodian non-governmental organization run by Cambodians. We are committed to making sustainable change in our country that will benefit future generations.

We Are Locally Sourced

The materials and labor used to complete our projects are sourced from local vendors located near our project areas. Our BioSand filter medium is mined from a quarry in Kampong Speu province outside Phnom Penh.

Our Impacts

330,679 Household BioSand Filter

13,555 Household Latrine

167,921 Handwashing Tools

282 Well

1,477 School BioSand Filter

1,470 Handwashing Station

506 School Latrine

561 Trash Incinerator

17 Dam

16 Pond

2 Water Barrier

2 School Building

1 Piping System

2 Schools Nutrition (295 Students)

2,607,504 Total Beneficiaries

Our Awards and Recognitions

Our Partners

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