Student Nutrition Project

why student breakfast?

As part of the Vision and Mission, Clear Cambodia aims to improve health of their target communities through transforming the water quality, improved sanitation and hygiene. It is recognized that, malnutrition continues to be serious health problem in partnered-primary-schools in the remote areas of Cambodia. It causes low class attendance while some families decide not to enroll their children for schooling due to their busyness to work for food.

Our goal is to provide opportunity for primary school children to access to nutritious food at schools, receive knowledge on health & nutrition, clean water, sanitation and hygiene which will lead to improvement of health, school attendance and school enrollment.

our students’ breakfast!

The comprehensive delivery of essential nutritious food is the foundation for health of students in primary schools in the remote areas of Cambodia. Clear Cambodia contributes student breakfast for the primary schools where the supplementary food is apparently needed.

school with apparent needs for student breakfast!

Clear Cambodia works alongside with District Education Youth and Sport Department (DoEYS) to have a list of school in the remote areas where students need breakfast as their supplementary food. The school assessment is conducted through project orientation to local authority, discussion about plan, and the shared roles/responsibilities of the schools leadership. The selected school has to involve to the project by giving space for kitchen, forming a committee to manage the project, and conducting students’ health awareness, while the project supports materials, and ingredient needed.

project monitoring

Clear Cambodia regularly follow-up the project by ensuring the breakfast is done well in-terms of hygienic food and level of students’ appreciation. The quarterly meeting among school teachers and students is conducted to listen to their concerns and feedbacks, for the improvement of the project quality.

our achievements

A progress has been made. At Oddar Meanchey province, we’ve provided breakfast to 2 primary schools’ students before their classes start. They also have received health & hygiene training, and shared to their family about the model breakfast they have got at school. Their attendances and health status are improved, specifically among poor students.

2 Schools Nutrition (295 Students)

2 School Building

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