Water Management Program

The Water Management program is working to harvest and store rainwater for use, by restoring dam, digging pond & well, and setting up water piping system for promoting safe drinking water for all with inexpensive sustainable technologies and WASH behavior. It creates awareness about the need for water conservation and builds capacities of local communities for better management and long-term sustainability of their water resources.

What We Provide

The communities need to have enough water sources, so that they can treat them to be the improved or safe water. Therefore, Clear Cambodia collaborates with local authority to taking care of water sources for communities through different activities such as: restoring water dam, setting up water piping systems, digging ponds, drilling wells, and providing water storages.

Water Piping System

Our aim for the water piping system is to foster sustainable improvement for the rural communities who are usually dependent on contaminated surface water sources to getting access to sufficient water source, clean water and understanding the importance of clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene for those rural communities who are usually dependent on contaminated surface water sources.

Millennium Development Goals addressed that 50% of rural households will have access to improved water by 2015 and while the most recent data available from the 2010 Cambodia Demographic Health Survey (CDHS) has shown that 53% of rural areas have access to improved water supply (dry season). So that, 47% remains without access to safe drinking water in 2015.

Water Dam

Water treatment is a very import way for community to get clean and potable water mostly at the countryside. Beside clean water problem, the community has face with water source challenge as well. Meaning that, the communities need to have enough water sources, so that they can treat them to be the improved or safe water. The dam project is a big rain water harvesting and storing rainwater project. It aims to storage rain water according to its capacity. Communities’ people can access water source for multi-purposes: daily water need, irrigation for agriculture production, growing plant/vegetable and for animals drinking and so on.


The project is designed to provide access to water source to community where people who only relied on rain water and small family pond while their areas are scarcely found water through dug well or small borehole well as the water level under the ground is very deep. During dry season, they have to spend time around one hour more or less to collect water far from their homes for their water need.

Water Barrier

The project is focused to help facilitate travelling for school age children to access school without difficulties particularly in rainy season when their trails leaded to school are under water that cause them absence from school very often. They can attend school regularly either in dry season or rainy season after the project accomplished. The project is to help people to manage rain water for their cultivations by controlling water flow from upper part of barrier in order not to ruin/devastate rice products at lower part; and moreover, it can ease for transportation of agricultural products to market as well. In general the project can help people to make their lives better as well as to restore their living standard through developments in many fields, agriculture, transportation and education of young generation in the areas where the project implemented.


Many people in rural Cambodia do not have access to water source mostly in dry season, and they often go to collect water almost one hour far from home for their water needs. To project is designed to provide water source in the community where is nearby their homes. To have a well, community people have to group at least 15 to 20 families or within in a community as a hole, and to set up a water community to be responsible on well usage and maintenance in case of need.

How to Do

Clear Cambodia works closely with rural communities to spread awareness on the importance of water conservation to sustain water resources, use of safe drinking water, and WASH behavior. We collaborate with local authority to conduct awareness meeting on clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene to households in the remote areas where the water sources, clean water and health improvement are needy. Clear Cambodia selects the households through project orientation to local authority, discuss about plan, shared roles/responsibilities of the committee including location to build water tower for water piping system, dam, pond, well, and water barrier, in their communities. Lay foundation to the families on how to practice of good health habits on clean hand, good hygiene and sanitation, understanding on the disease that caused by contaminated water.

Post Monitoring & Evaluation Works

The post monitoring and evaluation is very crucial for sustainability of infrastructure or facilities, and also important on the measurable impact on expected outcomes that have been implemented. To ensure sustainability of the facilities built for communities, a regular following-up with local authorities and the committees have been done accordingly, following by meeting and training on managing and maintenance the water supply utilities such as: water pipe system, dam, pond, water barrier, and well. We test the quality of water from piping system. We visit the beneficiaries’ families for surveying their satisfactions of the project.


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