Water Partnering Project

Clear Cambodia is honored to partner with other humanitarian organizations in Cambodia to assist them with providing clean water to the communities they are serving. Our BioSand filter material, as well as each of our finished products, are available for purchase by humanitarian organizations, government facilities, and businesses throughout Cambodia.

If your organization is interested in partnering with Clear Cambodia to purchase BioSand filters, Filter’s media Sand and Gravel, or Sanitation Facilities please contact us through info@clearcambodia.org and we will contact you shortly.

New Way Ultrafiltration Filter System

New Way Ultrafiltration Filter (NUF filters) is capable of filtering from 250 to 10,000 liters of water per hour. The task of NUF modules in the whole system is to remove Suspended solids (TSS), Microbiological agents, Bacteria, Viruses, Organic macromolecules and Turbidity agents. NUF filters produce clean and safe water from any source such as lakes, rivers and other surface water sources so that the process of purification takes place “on-line “ by simply transferring – at minimal pressure, generated by the feed pump- the flux of raw water through a NUF type membrane package.

There are 5 Kinds of NUF filters.

  1. NUF filter 250L/h with manual backwashing.
  2. NUF filter 500L/h with manual backwashing
  3. NUF filter 1000L/h with Automatic backwashing
  4. NUF filter 5000L/h with Automatic backwashing
  5. NUF filter 10000L/h with Automatic backwashing

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